ELIS face and beauty
Art Direction and GRAPHIC Design
On the briefing, we have been told that the nail service was the company's main one. After visual research, we decided to use the basic concept of a leaf that aesthetically best represents the long-line designed nail commonly used by its customers. Together with the logo, we designed four stamps-like signatures to be used in different situations.
Art Direction and GRAPHIC Design
This is a student exchange company looking to build an emotional connection with their clients. They usually deal with parents, who look for a company that provides a well structured support system for their children. We decided to use an organic design of lines and the blue colour to represent tranquility.
Art Direction and GRAPHIC Design
One of the main strengths of the X-PRO ZERO ice blocks is that they are 100% natural, using no sugar. I decided to use transparent material with the print on the bottom to highlight its healthiness and attract the customer, even before they open the freezer. Also did the art design of the trolley and freezer together with marketing material.

Art Direction and GRAPHIC Design
More Muscle was one of my projects as an entrepreneur. Together with the Steppelab team we developed the whole branding, from logo, shaker, stationery and so on.

Art Direction
I have worked on this incredible project being part of Steppelab team. Parafina was a beautiful  online surf magazine from the 2000s made by us, waves lovers. 

Art Direction, Photography and Design

DaBOX was an incredible company looking for a fresh approach to the local pizza market. They wanted to follow a different approach - not that of an "Italian visual" - and something that would speak to the younger audience. I've worked with them on the entire design, advertising and full marketing material.
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