Snag Co - Sausage Boutique And Deli Is A Brand That Specializes In Crafting High-quality, Expertly Seasoned Sausages Using Locally Sourced Ingredients.
We decided to work with pastel colors to bring a bucolic feeling, transporting you to the serene countryside, where nature meets deliciousness.
We've carefully selected these soft, muted hues to reflect the delicious smell that comes when cooking the sausages. The calming tons of greens created by the radial gradient aligned to the smooth forest background reminds you of the simple pleasures in life.
Not only do our new pastel colors look beautiful, but they also serve a practical purpose. The light, airy hues reflect our use of fresh, natural ingredients and the company’s dedication to producing special sausages with care and love.
The new design features a whimsical mix of rustic textures, making our packaging a standout on any store shelf. From the moment you see, you'll know that you're in for a truly special experience.
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