STX Technology is a company in Greerton, Tauranga/NZ, that specializes in building "Touch Computers for Industrial & Harsh Environments".
I have been invited to update the company's website, product photography and stationery.
My first step was to study the old website's UX/UI and speak with the sales manager to identify pain points.
One of the main issues was the number of clicks needed to reach the final product.
I came up with an innovative navigation system for the product page, a screen selector panel where the customer can select the desired screen size. It brought the number of clicks from 5/6 to 1/2.
After that, I created a product builder where the user can select the desired specifications and send a quote to the sales department. This removes the time spent on the phone building and explaining the product to the customer.
Along with the huge amount of products to photograph and retouch, I also designed a cohesive brand identity and stationery for the company to help them stand out from its competitors.
The last steps involved copywriting and rendering of the computers I haven't had a chance to shoot, or it was too big and heavy to bring to the office and I decided to render.
Stationery and Communication Design
Portraits, image retouching and dual branding design for Work, Health and Safety poster.
Product Photography and Image Retouching
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